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Walleyes for Wounded Heroes

The mission of Walleyes for Wounded Heroes, Inc., (WWH) is to honor and empower military service members, police, fire, and emergency medical responders through outdoor activities, programs, and services. We serve Heroes injured while serving in the line of duty for their community/country. Founded in 2012, we serve wounded military, law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders. Our enrichment event, Lake Erie Fishing, has grown and been refined annually. WWH partners with civic, social, and service organizations as an all volunteer 501(c)3, non-profit, non-discriminatory, non-sectarian organization. A growing number of volunteers execute projects, set daily itineraries, secure transportation, lodging, meals, insurance, and funding and/or in-kind contributions.
Heroes participate free of charge. Referrals come from employers, social service/public agencies, and by word of mouth. Men and women are served; no one is turned away unless space of funding restricts. Volunteer staff often include doctors, nurses, counselors and professionals attending as escorts. It is not unusual for Heroes to describe renewed spirit and appreciation for the opportunity to participate in positive "activities of a lifetime," interacting "like normal people" with similarly injured Heroes, and WWH escorts. Our Lake Erie event is funded through donations by individuals, civic/service organizations, business/companies, fund raising events and in-kind contributions from every source WWH can generate.